Sunday, 22 May 2016

Who are we ?


 I went to the wonderful Selvedge Fair yesterday, yes it was amazing and yes I had a lovely time......the best thing though was the beautiful and creative clothes that people wear. I make no judgement only observations.

                                                         From the Sartorialist

Without always realising we are so defined by our style...this does not come down to quality or cost, size or gender  but who we are, the hidden bits, no matter what, it bubbles to the surface with our choice of garment, the colours we wear  hairstyle, jewellery, or even the lack of it. Our loves stand out......the creative, the artist, the mum, and so many more.

 More so than any other creature we have a choice, all be it we are still bound by who we are and have the confines of what we feel comfortable in. So my question is ' do we have a choice!!!'


Yes we do and its ours. Its is our creation it is who we are, and its beautiful. xxxxxx