Friday, 30 October 2015

Long shadows on the edgelands

I live on those edgelands, passing from brick to wood from drains to rivers.
I wonder if the wind recognises the empty spaces where the leaves fell yesterday, or if the rain prefers to fall softly onto a field or a hard stone pavement that could be a sheet of granite... where do I search for the faces of my Gods... in the misty forest at twilight... or a solstice gathering at home.
Country or town our houses are no more than sophisticated and heated caves, our skyscrapers no more than soaring cliffs to birds.
Beauty is everywhere

Have a lovely week-end
Lynn xxx

Friday, 16 October 2015

For Beverley xxxx

The shorter days of Autumn have been wistful and gentle in the North West
lulled in on cool breezes and warm lazy sunshine, I've even car booted later in the year than usual. 

I have repainted the kitchen in darker colours


                              Done some more painting this is a painting of an old button card

Developed some new bags

Spent time with the Goddess trail running, and herb gathering
such joy.

I'm sorry I don't post much any-more, I have no excuse, except I probably spend far to much time outside, kicking up leaves.. or trying to catch them as they fall. Looking for mushrooms and berries and getting dirty..but I just wanted to say hello and give a wave and thank you so much for dropping by.
Blessed Be
Lynn xx

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Lammas and the strength of women...

 Everything at the moment is lush and fruiting, the fragrance that rises from the damp warm earth is heady and powerful, this time of the year is about fullness and fulfilment as the harvest and crops are gathered. 

In a few days it is Lammas the corn is cut , the God is represented in the grain, the Goddess cuts the corn she sacrifices him and returns his goodness to the Earth. This is a huge sacrifice, Lammas shows us whispers of immortality. of rebirth, life and growth.
 We are daughters of the goddess, yes us women, we are strong and we make sacrifices all through our lives, this is a time to remember that and celebrate it.

Make a corn dolly or Grain mother weave her from stalks growing at the edges of fields be creative
decorate her with ribbons, give thanks for the gifts of the harvest. You can talk to her, tell her of your regrets, of the things you din't achieve this year, of disappointments keep her till spring when you can bury her and return her to the earth where she came from.
Make bread, if you can include something you have gathered or grow yourself,  then
share this with your family to celebrate the harvest to be part of this sacred time and to feel the joy of nature.
Hugs and have a special Lammas

Sunday, 28 June 2015

Musings ............ Books and Sea priestess rituals

  The Nature of Air and Water...............

A wonderful novel by Regina Mcbride

'so begins The Nature of Water and Air set on a patch of Irish coast  where amid the flurry of whispers, amongst the mystery and the beauty lays an intense tale of love and sorrow with myth and magic secrets and darkness.
I recommend this book and all of Regina McBride books for their poetry and soul..they have such a mystery that is not found in today s world. They have dark secrets that hurt, but they have a language and love that speaks not only of love but of Mothers and daughters twined in the endless dance of the soul.

(part of a Sea - Priestess Ritual)            

                                  Calling out to the Goddess 

Initiated and celebrated on a quiet beach at low tide, where our names are written as offerings in the low shore.

By the twilights of time I call thee

From the tide wrecked depths I urge you come

On running wave from the sea gates of the Lost City, I call thy name,

By the reef flow, in silver blood let your Moon tide draw our names from the sand,

To write us upon the Unmanafest, unformed

For we are yours and you are upon us and upon the eternal creation that is.

Have a deep soak in epsom salts...walk barefoot on the shore and Pepper dulse and Laver bread,  xxxxx

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Devotion to service....plain living

The cellars and basements of Tatton Hall

A plain life below stairs,  skills were abundant,  cooks, dairy/still-room, gardeners, grooms ,ladies-maids, butlers  all skilled, all tradespeople. 

Memories of them all are stronger in these beautiful kitchens and cellars than anything above stairs. Above stairs was stilted dusty ostentation, only shadows remain. I though it was ironic that those capable servants, those plain people were the ones to leave their mark, to still be felt as if just moments before they had been there with me.

 Below the stairs of that great house lived those people and their devotion to service seems to be its heart still.

                                         A lovely day at the Salvage Fair Tatton Park

                                                     Lucys Vintage

                                          Some goodies in my bag

                                                                 Had to stop for tea
                                                      Just lovely ..............Lynn xxxx

Sunday, 24 May 2015


Here I am, subjecting you to yet more pictures of me !!!!
I have made a lovely summer dress and spotted underskirt, fabric and pattern from Merchant and Mills...

 I had a lovely gift at Christmas from Julie at the cloth shed blog an old China Blue linen skirt and attached to it was this wonderful pocket. I cut the skirt down and patched it with lovely French patches and turned it into a wrap around skirt. I was so pleased (thank you Julie).

I hope you are all well and having a wonderful Bank Holiday.
Big Hugs Lynn xxxx

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Gifts of Springtime

Now when I run especially in the spring, I run as a mindful gatherer. The plants on the bottom left are Ramsoms wild garlic the new leaves are wonderful in home made muffins and omelets, and pesto, in a few weeks the white flowers will appear, you can put those into your salads, the plant smells very strongly of garlic. On the right at the bottom are the new leaves of comfrey  when it grows  a little more its leaves  are a bonus in the compost heap and will increase the compost heap nitrogen value. My favourite is the nettle, pluck them now and revel in them, the young shoots cooked taste delicate and delicious, make a herb tea, or add to an quiche or omelette, make sure you cook nettle thoroughly  though..even the young shoots can sting !! they are popped into my backpack with care, not too many from each place..the land smells sweet and fresh.

The skies this morning are moody and grey, the ploughed fields ready for planting, everywhere is bird song and buds that are showing green. In the lakes on Thursday the hills still showed a mantle of snowy peaks, but the sun was warm, and the hills without the ferns good to climb, scatterings of primroses and daffodils whispered in woody clearings... Spring I hope is not to far away.

Good Friday goodies

Lovely new eggs

A huge welcome to Spring xx

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Satisfaction for the soul..............

I really recommend this lovely magazine....quote
Within are tales of warriors, vagabonds and battle-ready clans; of artisans gourmands and monsters from the deep.............
This magazine gives me the same satisfaction as making bread or watching seagulls soar across a deserted beach, or looking at hand sew stitches across a piece of linen, this magazine is good for the soul.
You can buy the mag here

Our kitchen looking more springlike, I found some lovely fresh garlic on Islington Market... and I have been painting some buttons for my Etsy shop. Easter soon xxx

Sunday, 1 March 2015

Textile much more than that .......... last..........

I want to say today was amazing,  not because of the Textile Fair, not because of the wonderful fabulous finds. But because of the special ladies that introduced themselves to me. Lovely ladies that I have only known across my glass pages, you made my day so much more than a visit to a textile fair, you made my day special , full of warmth and smiles, you made it rich with your presence and I was thrilled to meet you, so thrilled.
Thank you so much for saying hello xxx
Lynn xxx

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Jessie Chorley Tea Towel.......

I really love Jessie Chorleys work, and when I saw she was selling tea towels I had to have a go at making a bag with one. I had to chop the towel up a bit to make it shorter and get all the special print bits in.   They are lovely quality so easy to sew you can buy them here

The Front using the tea towel and some french Linen and ticking and I embroidered the words.

The back I embroidered some and appliquéd  a Jessie clock cut out of her tea towel

I used some more tea towel for a pocket, and made the handles from some ticking.
I thought it would go a treat with my jeans this summer.

I reckon you could make a lovely bag with vintage unused tea towels too, but this one has the most lovely Print by Jessie so is extra nice.

Have fun making xx

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Imbolc, new Beginnings, new dreams, the start of something special............

I love this time of the year, today is Imbolc we are halfway between the Winter solstice and Spring equinox. It is a Fire festival for Bride, for the hearth and home, a time to let go of the past and to look to the future an awakening of life once more. 

                        To Our Lady of Springtime,
                        Bringer of all fruitfulness,
                        By the steady measure of the Timeless Dance;
                        By the Pulse of Light and Darkness.
                        By the Seed hidden under the ice,
                        By seed and root, by stem and bud;
                        By leaf and flower and fruit;
                        By life and love do I ask for your guidance,
                        your breath of newness.
                        That I might welcome back the light  into my life
                        and the life of all those that share my path.

The Winner of the bag is

                                                         Victoria Vollam
                                                     Congratulations xxxx

I had to deduct a couple of numbers as they had printed the replies twice so that is why I generated 1-49... Please  contact me Victoria so I can send off your lovely bag, and thank you so much to everyone else for entering xxx
Happy Imbolc
Lynn xx

Thursday, 22 January 2015

A New Year Give Away xxxxx

I am excited to give away an embroidered  oversize French Hand Loomed Bag. That I have made it is
21inches  x 18 inches
Strong enough for laundry, shopping, small pets, and sleeping boyfriends or husbands (if you can carry them).
The draw will be on  Ist Febuary I am happy to post this to anywhere in the world.
Just leave me your name and email.
I love January xxxxx
Happy Days
Lynn xxx