Sunday, 29 September 2013

Stop taking pictures now !!!

           Well it has been the most wonderful warm and sunny weekend so off we went up to the Lakes walking

 Happy husband

Happy me


we found a rather lovely clear deep(very cold) stream full of little fishes .......

off came the clothes, I could not help myself, I think I shocked a couple of rather sweet pensioners who stopped to watch with great can stop taking pictures now I said

my blogging friends can only take so much... ha ha ...
Hope you had a lovely weekend too
Hugs Lynn xx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

The Goddess turns, she blows a kiss and the shadows fall..............


 I find myself stopping to watch the Geese fly south, I look to the sky and the swallows have flow, the nights draw close and the land smells earthy and rich.
I love the hips in the trees and my heart skips a beat to see the colours changing.
The time has come for the equinox  about a week away.
The land is resting its bones
the time has come for change
I can feel it in my blood.

             Now is the time of balance, when day and night face each other as equals.
            At this season the night is waxing and the day is waning;
            For nothing ever remains without change, in the tides of Earth and Sky.
            Know and remember, that whatsoever rises must also set,
            And whatsoever sets must also rise.

            The God has descended into the land
            And now He makes His journey to the Underworld.
            Days grow dim, nights grow long, but we who are wise do not weep,
            For behold He has left behind His seed and His promise of return.
            Blessed be the Great Mother, Blessed be the Harvest God.

                           Blessed Be
                           Lynn xx

Friday, 6 September 2013

The Mill...............

You must have all seen the wonderful series well it left us gasping for more..and more is very much what we found..................

No written words are needed are they?
Go and visit if you can Quarry Bank Mill
Love Lynn xx

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Last days of summer............

Soon I shall be back to work and our summer holidays will be wonderful memories of sunny days with our family. This was taken on Brighton beach with my nephew, I have my feet up as usual ha ha whilst he did the hard work digging sandcastles and dancing over the pebbles.. ...

We found this amazing shop in Hove Called Igigi with the most gorgeous upstairs cafe and sumptuous General Store, look at the  huge comfy velvet cushions hand dyed and painted in lovely blues and greys,oh I wanted to buy one but they were about 175.00 and that was well over my budget, sooo we bought their beautiful book called ' A life less ordinary' it is full of amazing ideas and inspiring pages that I could pour over and enjoy at home. We loved the tiny little table in the corner of their cafe and made it our own for a few days. Mr Barron was eyeing up the cakes...ha ha 

some  lovely linen fabrics and other treats
we also had to call in at the magical special Bloomsbury Charleston Farmhouse for a few hours I have adored this place for more years than I care to remember and when I lived in Brighton visited it all the time.  Then we crossed the road to try some(lots of) samples of Cider at Middle farm Hic! and buy some gorgeous herbs and treats.

dreamy summer days..............
Love Lynn xxxx