Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Finding some countryside in town......................

I had to take this picture, its a reflection in my mirror opposite, just as I was doing this post, whilst listening to the patter of rain.
I think its chilly today but I have a  lovely( new to me) very heavy hemp apron, all patched and darned (just how I love them)  wrapped over the top of my long skirt, and its as warm as toast. I love aprons especially old plain ones this one came from a convent in France...I wonder what jobs it was utilized for ?
I digress! 
I wanted to show you my little bit of country at home xxx

I found some really pretty pictures... faded vintage prints of wild flowers at the car boot, I was so thrilled , I have put them on my kitchen wall, so now I feel closer to the outside, I work a lot in the basement and sometimes really miss the trees and flowers waving in the breeze so this is a great improvement, and a change is nice.

I have been imprinting leaves onto some spare linen pieces,by treating them with alum and iron and wrapping them into bundles and soaking them for days  so the dye somehow transfers onto the cloth and I am thrilled with my first results
It is fairly easy to do, and I had seen it on an India Flint post and I just wanted some of my own leafy printed fabrics for summer cushions to go with my Vintage flower prints...

I havn't made the covers yet.. just laid the fabric across.

  I always so wanted to live right in the middle of the countryside, to be honest...middle of nowhere really, total isolation would suit the best, but could never afford it.  I am so very grateful though to live near our huge park and the river, also doing creative projects like this within our home really connects me with nature, the seasons, and the magic of outside.
Hope you find your bit of countryside this week xxx

Lots of Hugs
Lynn xxx  

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Just a couple of new samples for home and Etsy...........

I'm really into this look at the moment........

I really adore the postage stamp, postcard look, its beautiful but I wanted to make something fresh..that would be romantic but sit alongside the things I already have....to give a different focus,
I can feel some poetry coming on ha ha ..
Lots of hugs Lynn xxx

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments xxxx I really appreciate them and my heart takes a flip each time you say hello xx

I'm up to my eyes in bags and embroiderys...it has been pretty tough since I was made redundant from Bolton and I was really worried for a time how to make ends meet, but I am getting there I think !!
Enough for me to keep my new bag I made from an oil canvas, I had seen them around but just couldn't afford one  from Anthropologie  well now I have one ha ha . 
Think my hall needs a lick of paint though...
..... or maybe not, I like the falling plaster look! ha ha.
Love to you all xx
Hugs Lynn xxxx

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Talking to fabric..................

It has taken me so long to achieve these images onto Victorian cotton patchwork..........  to look  fragile and transparent without loosing the detail...as if the images had become captured within the weave , I thought to share some of them with you xxxxxx