Sunday, 28 November 2010

Christmas Advent ........give-away.........

                    I do hope you will enter my Christmas  give away...............  a parcel of hand  printed goody's
on Vintage French Linens printed and made by me . Hoping that this give's you a magical start to this enchanted season....just leave your name and favorite Christmas food... I will make the draw next Sunday , good luck xxxxxxxxx

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Wintery images , cinnamon smells ...............

                                             In our home and on my run xxx
                                          Fun on the wall xx
My Cushion that I made

  I had the most awful migraine yesterday, but it seems to have brought on a spurt of creativity.  I printed the small tags for this cushion a few weeks ago but just got round to finishing it this morning after my frosty (rather cold I might add) run, I stopped to capture a few frosty pictures too......everywhere is so very beautiful today and icy fingers snapped at my cheeks when I was out......
See you soon .. give away at the weekend xxx

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


  This gorgeous picture from' Toast' makes me want to find some snow to dance in  and  to wrap up warm and go outside with a flask of mulled wine on a frosty's just so magical......................don't you just LOVE this time of year xxxxx

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Country Living Fair and getting ready for Yule......................

                                                  Fantastic Soap ' Caurnie Soaperie' at the Fair

   Christmas Trees and a sprout tree at the Farmers Market ha ha !!

                                         Waiting patiently at the Country Living Fair to go in......

The journey up on the train was fabulous, passing through the snow topped hills..we sped along to the fair..what a super day.................. all the stands are beautiful at this gorgeous place but I must just tell you about this fabulous soap maker at the Country Living Fair 'Caurnie Soaperie' was not only the most beautifully decorated Stand by far (for me) but the products clear honey coloured soaps are drop dead fabulous, all natural oils are used to fragrance them, like lavender or Geranium, or Nettle  and they are so gorgeous and gentle I can wash my face with them...and I have sensitive skin, I shall be putting some in my give away next week for the lucky winner to sample.

I had to pose in my new Top Shop .... cover every lump and bump jumper ha ha!! and just to remind you all that Christmas is on its way...  a picture of two little pot grow trees that found their way  into our shopping at the Farmers market today together with lots of lovely veggies.. 
I have made the Christmas cakes and I am now feeding them with lots of brandy to keep them nice and moist and just before I pop off I  must remember to tell you that I am having a Christmas give away next week so be SURE to look in........
Happy days xxxxx
Lynn xxxx

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Inspiration for Yule..........From Jeanne d'arc Living at Camel & Yak.....

Jeanne d'arc Living Magazine at Camel and Yak
Just a small taster of this gorgeous  and original magazine if you love Christmas, and you want pages of French and Scandinavian scrummyness you will find it here.....I have put lots more pictures on my sea-angels inspiration pages please take a look and enjoy xxxx
Have a lovely week, I am getting all excited already, I know you think I am mad but I do love it so much 
Lynn xxx