Friday, 30 October 2009

Samhain....gossamer shadows to lead us home....

Let our dear one's that have gone before us.
Return this night and make merry with us
And when our time comes as it must,
Oh thou the Comforter the Consoler'
The Giver of peace and rest.
We will enter thy realms gladly and unafraid
For we know that ,
When rested and refreshed amongst our dear ones
We will be reborn again, by thy grace,
And the grace of the Great Mother.
Let it be in the same place, and at the same time'
As our beloved ones.
And may we meet, and know, and remember, and love them again.
May we all be blessed with happy memories on this eve
With much love

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Crows talking................

One by one each step draws us closer to our dreams, whatever they may be...........
Saturday was beautiful.
The crows whispered ancient secrets in the trees
rattling bare branches like bones, we saw a hind as if Diana gliding and leaping across the lowland meadows and later as we climbed high, the milky sun drew long pale shadows across the mountains. High up amongst the stones we saw a cloaked figure, hidden half amongs the ferns and heather watching us climb, when we reached him he was shrouded in the soft yellow lichen and granite stone, a watcher, a protector of the landscape from times long ago.
We dined on chocolate tiffin cake and hot teas, buttery toast and cinnamon sprinkles.
Then indulged in the exquisite inspiring gifts that this gorgeous shop stocks...
Wishing you a peaceful and happy week
Love Lynn xxxx

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Sometimes I want to fly.....................

The wind and the rain lashed across the woods today, peeling the leaves and bright berry's from the bushes, and blowing into my arms as if it would lift me above the I wish I could soar right into the wind, swooping over the park, diving low over the river, spinning and turning in the chaotic fury of it all.
Wrapping up my dreams I tucked them close to my heart in my warm coat, and carefully spun them into my cooking this afternoon...that will spice meal time up I thought.
Have a lovely Sunday
Love and hugs xxxxx