Sunday, 26 April 2009

Survival of the fittest

Let this stand as a warning!!!!!!
Do not be deceived by this, quiet and beautiful Lakeland Village.............within its lichen covered walls, dwell beings of Celtic fire and determination!!!!!
Well that's how it felt at their local 'jumble sale' you needed nerves of steel and a good left arm........having said that I did come away with a rather beautiful Missal and a gorgeous hoard of Holy Cards, lots of vintage fabrics, and a collection of bruises that a rugby player would be proud of!!!...since when did Jumble sales get like that !!! ha ha.
Do you go to Jumble sales??? tell me your secrets...on how to survive.
Love Lynn xxx

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Spring Mornings....

This is the most beautiful Spring I can remember for a long while...I really wanted to share with all of my wonderful friends from near and far shores, a little sample of what is growing in our hedgerows and lanes at the moment. There is a newness and tenderness and the fragrance of flowers is overwhelming, the sound of the birds is amazing, and the sun lying across my shoulders is so very comforting, like the touch of a loved friend.
I hope you are sat in your own sunny spot, having a peaceful few minutes.
Thank you for all your wonderful words, each and everyone of them is precious.
Hugs Lynn xx

Friday, 10 April 2009

Quiet moments.......

........... sometimes in the stillness of a quiet day there are moments of utter peace, of complete happyness......... realisations.........knowing that you love, and that you are loved. Remembering with eternal love those beloved ones lost to us , and those new lives yet to come with all the joy they will bring with them.......
Wishing you moments of complete joy this holiday.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Cool around my neck.........

Well........I have braved a hair cut...and it feels rather liberating to have shorter hair...more girly somehow ha ha...
Now I can have kisses on the back of my neck...enough!!
Here are some pictures of some bits I have been playing with. The dress is my Easter Sunday best, I bought the beautiful vintage style tissue rose from Lee Weber doesn't it look lovely on my dress.
I have been making Easter garlands from hares and hens , and funny little peg hanger's to clip all of my current inspirations to.
The divine little slippers are from Katie's Etsy Shop Old wild Cherry's, she has just opened it and has filled it with so many lovely things to buy.
I hope you are all enjoying the changing landscape, as the Goddess returns from sleep, and spreads her cloak over our land again, sending our souls soaring into the milky sunshine, whilst the cold fingers of winter lurk still icy in the shadows.
Have a lovely week and find fun and pleasure in all you achieve.
Hugs Lynn xxx