Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Climbing a hill...........

Some days I feel like I am climbing this hill........especially as far as my creativity is concerned, and some days are better, the hill is not SO hard to climb. This hill I might add was especially nice as it leads to the home of the Bronte's, at Howarth and the day was wonderful hence my casual relaxed pose ha ha.
I am on holiday at the moment, and life is fun I have been making and altering cardigans for myself (again) to stretch out my spending money, and I have been inspired again by the wonderful Jessica Ogden, when I was at university( two years ago now!!) we did a huge Eco project on reconstructing and modernising clothes, using old nylon underskirts, boiled jumpers, and ratty quilts etc to produce original embroidered and textural clothing, we had lots of fashion designers visit us to give us ideas and talks...I so miss those inspiring days, well I have found a lovely page from Elle magazine, giving lots of ideas for you to try using Jessica's clever ways with clothes, as you can see I have embroidered a pink cardigan with birds, it looks gorgeous, I am really pleased, THANKS Jessica xx.
My other photograph belongs to Adrian really, he has disappeared into the back basement and is making beer and bottling wine as if it was going out of fashion it smells divine down there........maybe he is planning a party ..who knows!!
Have a lovely week
Hugs Lynn xx

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

The Edge of Love........

Not only was this film fantastic, sensitive, and beautifully acted, but I am now completely in love with the clothes, she swoons rushing to pick up her new Brora (can't afford anything in it brochure) and lays it gently down on top of her Toast (can't afford any of that either brochure). I have made an effort though.....I'm starting to go to jumble sales , dreaming in the faint hope that there have got to be some of these divine hand knitted jumpers some where!!!! The silly thing is I remember being forced to wear fair isle cardigans and granny knitted cardys about mmmmm'mmmm lot's of years ago,..... come back Nanny Miles all is forgiven... I will wear them now I promise.'Honest'
Have a wonderful week, and if you spot any clothes like the above, you have to let me know where!!
Hugs Lynn xx

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Some pictures from home..........

Some days are made for dreaming, for sitting in the half light, listening to the rain patter on the windows, and chatting with my family. I like it when my (grown up ) daughter curls up next to me, with wet just shampooed hair, and cold feet, and shares her chocolate...and the sound of the radio with sunday afternoon cricket, everything is so peaceful....just for this moment....
May you all be blessed with moments like this, some time this week....
Hugs Lynn xx

Sunday, 3 August 2008

Ok I'm starting to make again...........

I am giving you a preveiw of some items I am sending to my lovely friend Marja (home from the heart) I don't think she will mind, I have printed and embroidered some Maddona cushions and sachets for her, in return for a lovely item swop we shared a while ago......they are on their way Marja (honest x). I will also be making some for my christmas fair as well.
I have also started to paint and decorate this gorgeous small cupboard to sell at the Christmas Fair, I will be lining it with old love letters (not mine ha!) and painting it, now girls what do you think.........French Grey...or creamy white........I will await your helpful decisions before I act!!.

Lammas has come already, the corn is being cut, and have you noticed the Rowan berries are red, and the blackberrys are ripening. The wheel of the year moves silently and quickly, don't waste a minute of it, for the light will be gone, and the summer faded to Autumn. Dance in the sunshine when you see it my friends, and weave love with flowers into your daughters hair.
May we all be blessed with a good week.
Hugs Lynn xx