Sunday, 30 December 2007

Creative musings.....

Being a beautiful aspect of the feminine, somthing we should cherish.... and whether our creativity comes from being a mother, cooking a great cake, growing herbs and flowers, crafts, or writings, it is as essential to our lives as breathing.
But as you all know we need our space, and we need time, this is why I so love January. This is the month I surround myself with catalogues, this is my quiet time, to plan what I will grow this year, or make, new places I may visit......... there is less demand on my time for home duties, so after work, I cook tea, do the least housework I can, then ....... I muse, I make paper roses, and embroider cloths, I stay in bed on a Saturday morning till 10am sometimes, just day dreaming, I do not go shopping (I do the supermarket as food has to be bought) as I am frightened by crowds, and I truly don't need any more clothes just yet, so the sales do not excite me!!
This way I make a small space in my life to play, no it would not suit us all , but that is the wonderful beauty that is magical in all of us, it is that we are individuals, and I am glad of it, because you all brighten and add wonderful aspects of your creativity to my life, and that is fabulous, and I thank you for it. xx
Sweet Dreaming

Saturday, 22 December 2007

Welcome to the child of promise........YULE is here

Before I retire quietly and happy to my bed, I would like to recall this evening, which was truly magical.......the nearly full moon was high and snow white in a clear turquoise sky, reflecting in the river below amongst the shades of the setting sun. Across the whole of the countryside before us, a low white mist swirled magically around bare charcoal fields, fingers of misty dreams, wrapped around the trees and frosty sugar glittered on every branch. The whole place felt magical, festive, and very still as if it was just waiting, in silence for that special moment. Our breath was like dragon fire, and we had hot mulled wine, and warm chesnuts, moon cookies, and chocolate logs. Sticky fingers, cold noses, good friends, and happy hearts.

So here are a few words close to my heart this season of joy;

Before all I was, beyond all I am,
I have no nature and no name
I have been from the beginning,
I have seen all manner of things;
I have dwelt in the womb of the Goddess:
I the divine child of the mother.
In the region of the summer stars I find my beginning;
In the pattern of creation I seek my source
In the turning spheres I continue my story.
Born of the Oak Wood, mistletoe wreathed,
Sprung to life as the Goddess breathed.
May I wish you one and all,
peace, joy, and love and hope.
Brightest Blessings
Lynn xxx

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Dreaming of a White Christmas.....

I was starting to feel like I was being spread too thinly, I guess that I am not the only one!!

So I have tried to put the brakes on things. This week we are going to a Carole Concert, where all will be dressed in 17ct costume and it is all in candlelight, we are sooo excited. I am going out for lunch with my collegues from work, that too is a nice break, and I did not shop at all this week-end, but we went walking, and I went running.

Why do women work themselves to exhaustion? Do we try to do too much, and in doing this make ourselves ill and grumpy for the people we are doing it for, thats not right is it?
Does anyone have any tips that can help us to relax in the middle of all these wonderful and exciting preparations, for Christmas?

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Well! this was a super suprise, from Ottilias Veranda although coming up with seven random facts about me....mmm how much do I reveal? ok here goes.......
  1. I don't have a television.
  2. I simply adore hens, and would if I could own flocks of these divine creatures.
  3. I am a spiritual gypsy, I so love the sacred, wherever it is found, spirituality can be so beautiful.
  4. I cannot have enough books, and I can read anywhere at anytime.

  5. People frighten me, the more there are the more frightened I become.

  6. January is my most favorite month.

  7. Anglesea is my hearts home

Now in return I would like to nominate the following, inspiring and wonderful people, who have changed my world for the better, and bring smiles to me everytime I visit them .Though this was the hardest , because I love all of the Bloggs I visit, and I am inspired by so many of you, and love your visits, and look forward to all of your comments, you have all changed my world with your beautiful posts and writings from the heart

A Home From the Heart Marja

Sanctuary City Girl

My Country Rose Garden Regina
Home Keeping Hearts Katie
Hennas Anne

My little footprints Beth

Gigibird Lynn

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Jingle bells, jingle bells,

I have made this out of vintage hemp and jute, it has been stuffed with soft hay, and scented with orange cinnamon, and spices. I added silver leaf and embroidery

Flowers from Christine

Making fairys....

I printed this vintage linen , gold leafed it, then added the paper mounts,
and crystal vintage dropper. I have stiched on glittery sequins and then I have stuffed this with soft hay, and it is scented with Francincense...of course!

Mixed media using print, paper, embroidery onto vintage linen and hemp. I have stuffed this cushion with soft hay and fragranced it with Myrrh, and Francincense. I have sewn on glittery sequins.

Hello my festive friends, as you are all so busy, I too find myself in the very same situation.
I have been making again.....this time somthing different, throw away cushions, they are printed vintage hemp, and polished jute decorated with prints, and papers, and Lime wash paints, all safe all compostable, and stuffed with meadow hay, that has been scented with christmas if ! and when you get fed up with them you can fling them on the compost heap. I actually thought they could look lovely rotting away with flowers growing up through them.
My divine flowers on the mantle shelf, are from my newish, very lovely sister in law, who has brightened our lives with her beauty, wit, and love for my brother. What more could a family ask for, thanks Christine xx
I hope all my dear friends and very welcome visitors, have the most wonderful week, I'm feeling better and I am going for a run. xxx

Saturday, 1 December 2007

At last!! it's finished and.......he loves it ......

YES........more or less finished, please forgive all my photographs, but I am so relieved that I have finished this HUGE project (Istill have two more chairs to paint and recover) and I wanted you to see my progress.
I painted the table and chairs and chest of drawers, in various shades of grey/white in Farrow and Ball colours, so they look as if they had been bought at different times, more random, I hope it looks that way. I have screen printed the seats and table cloth with my own drawn images, in very pale shades of turqoise, grey and brown, on vintage french hemp.
But the best news is that Adrian loves it....what a relief, so next time I bring a project home, I wonder what sort of reception I will get?.....You have got to love them though xxxxx, and thanks so much for all your support my friendsxxxx.