Friday, 30 November 2007

Christmas Gifts.....

I am getting a little bit more confidant, so I have made my Mom a bracelet for Yule and put on a vintage clasp, then I made a sort of vintage tag to put on the wrapper, I will wrap it with velvet ribbon and it will give her a nice hint of the goody inside, and as a selfish reward... I made myself an 'L' to wear on some ribbon, I know I need lots of practise yet but this is fun.
Hope you all have a divine weekend. xxxxx

Monday, 26 November 2007

My super swop from Finland.........

I am so very THRILLED with my super swop from Marja xx. I just could not believe all the wonderful creations made especially for me, my own'White Christmas Collection', even my husband was so excited and helped me, as I opened the box of delights from Finland. You are indeed a very gifted and inspired friend xx. Thankyou so much for taking the time and trouble in creating these lovely items for me, and my family Marja xx. (big smile, and squeal) I can truly say, that I have never had so much fun before I had my Blog, and I have come to meet so many wonderful people, (some who have become good friends), since having it!! I had no idea,.... honestly how many genuine, and kind people are out there in our world, it lifts my heart it truly does.

So pretty!

Just right for the tree!

I love these colours

Aaaaah the choc has been started mmmmm and the book has loads of super inspiring pages. Thankyou xxx

Friday, 23 November 2007

A day I should like to share with you all.........

Today, was just perfect.
This morning I ran as usual along the icy riverside, frost had traced it's fingers across my path and all nature twinkled in greeting, the bare bones of the trees outlined against the clear sky, stark and Arthur Rackham-ishly beautiful.
On arriving home a parcel was waiting for me from America, I just adore the wonderful post marks, strange and different from ours.

With loads of excitement I opened it I was STUNNED,..... not only by the most prettiest of tissue wrapping, all smelling of honey, and herbs and wild flowers, but inside was the most divine 'Wood Cut Creation' called DREAM from my friend Katie, I was so THRILLED with her gift very much a 'Work of the Heart' thankyou so much Katie,x you are a superb artist, such a dear kind person, and so very gifted. I don't know how you manage to capture this 'moment in time' look and feeling into your special and beautiful creations, but you do.
What a wonderful day.....I'm off to do some dreaming xxx

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Nice day out..........

This is my small effort, compared to the florist below! Each year I try to beat nature and grow Paper White narcissus( they normally flower in October) for Yule, (thats our wedding anniversery) because I so love the fragrance mixed with Frankincense, wafting through the house, together with some quietly sung Celtic Motets and Carols, the resulting atmosphere is heady, but beautiful. I think I have done it this year (big smile) they are just peeping above the soil, so I will keep them nice and cool in the shadiest part of the garden and keep my fingers crossed.
The table is coming on really well .....honest!!

I bought these anemones, eucalyptus, and eucalyptus buds from this super florist, I got them home, and popped them in a glass vase on my shelf, I really like the frosty look of the leaves and buds, they go really well with my zinc candle thing and silver bits, they were wrapped really nice in brown paper with raffia, it was a really super treat.

There is this divine florist at Hebden Bridge, I just adore even being near her shop, she really inspires me to try harder. Outside the shop she had on display Christmas roses(hellebore) planted up with ivy and rosmary, and trailing herbs, in a bed of moss in huge zinc buckets, inside well.........just look at the photo's.

Sunday, 11 November 2007


Why? This is indeed a good question...asked by my ever patient husband when presented with my latest purchase. As I opened the boot of the car he stood looking at my beaming face full of the pleasure of my latest bargain, and can't bring that! into the house!!
'But it's a Normandy table' it's a fantastic buy £25.00 they were just giving it will look fantastic painted cream'...... not pausing to breath, and feeling a little worried, I looked into my beloved's face, with hope in my heart....go on (pleading look) ....please...(silly smile) it's a brilliant project!!!
It only took 8 days to assemble ( pause) it only took two packets of Caustic soda to clean it (bigger pause) and so far it has only taken me two week ends to paint it( not finished yet ,bigger pause) h'mmm.
I know I'm doing up the kitchen window( which is looking good), and I am also making Yule gifts, and I work full time, but come on, every girl needs a project to get her teeth into......doesn't she? Why don't husbands understand these huh!

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Making the most of moss........

In my lunch times I crave the open air and the peace and tranquility of water...near by is a Victorian Cemetery and lots of open land all tumbly beside a river, my escape!
I have discovered some old deserted buldings at the back of this land covered in mossy attributes, thick, damp and lush, I creep around gathering all my booty into plastic carrier bags, emerging from the cemetery like some nature obsessed bag lady, covered in grass stains, mud, and small twiglets, oh and cake crumbs(lunch), my hoard is enough to give me strange satisfied secret smiles all day....the students find this alarming... and tend to leave me well alone during these gathering times, (extra benefits Ha!)
Well it was Marja from 'Home from the heart' who suggested crowns to me well! huh! they are so hard to make honest............I need help now, has anyone got any ideas? That includes you too Marja!! oh and Jane can you help your flowers are simply divine?
Anyhow these are my efforts.............. I do rather like them even though they are a little( a lot) strange.
Hoping you all have a really super week xxx

Thursday, 1 November 2007

Gifts from the Heart.........

Some days bring the most delightful post, and today brought me this wonderful gift from Katie at
I have always visited Katies wonderful blogg and her shop 'Sparrows Cottage' and really loved the paper items and crafts that she creates, along with her beautifully written magical blog, so I wrote and asked to buy one of her lovely vintage style books.......we decided on a swop, mine hasn't arrived there yet...but it's in the post, any day now.. .Katie.
I know I can design and make, but it is so good to receive a handmade item that you have not had to design or create, it becomes a real treasure. Just like my needlework case from Gigibird at (Stella and Lynn), and now this wonderful book that I can spend hours just dwelling on what beautiful keepsakes to keep hidden in its pretty pages, all scented with herbs. I also think we see items we like and try to copy them or make somthing similar, it never seems to work for me, the item looses that special essence of the original creator, and is never quite the same, so I am sat looking at my wonderful book and listening to my other musical gift of Celtic Seasons, from Katie............ thinking it is truly a fabulous day.

I have been busy.....

Happy New Celtic Year, xxxxxxx
I have been busy making things, let me tell you what I have been doing..... the shoes are made of organza and felt, and machine embroidered, then cut out. They are have little vintage buttons, and the toe's of the shoes are filled with lavender and lemon verbena
I drew the little bird from a picture and put it onto a silk screen so I can print them now onto any fabric, so I have printed this one onto vintage French Hemp and stuffed it with herbs, rose petals, and lavender, oh and I added a little golden crown because he is a Wren the 'King of birds'.
Then I wrapped my hand made soaps (scented with patchouli and geranium) in tracing paper, adding a crown , and a wax seal. Finally I have taken to painting my old cheese boxes and filling them with treasures like ribbons and buttons, small gifts.
I hope you are all well, and content, and enjoying this strange weather we are having.
Hugs Lynn xx