Tuesday, 31 July 2007


On Lammas eve, the Goddess weeps for the loss of the God who is cut down with the corn, releasing his energy and power once more into the land;
I am the Lady of both light and dark:
My glory floods the land with colour
And my heart glows with love fulfilled.
I am both gatherer and sower:
My passing brings all things to fruition,
And seed pours forth at my caress.
My smile is gentle yet my hands are wet with tears:
My shadow flies before me like an owl,
Dark herald of the darker days to come.
Singing and weeping I walk towards the West.
I am the Lady of both light and dark,
And I call all men to meet their destiny.

My Messy....very messy workroom

........and I wonder why I have such trouble finding stuff, .....

Super Gallery- Afternoon Tea

This is the most wonderful gallery owned by Designer Maker Priscilla Jones and her husband. The Edge Gallery Lancaster.
I just love the way they have decorated it, and the items they have are fantastic, they support lots of makers and new Graduates so it is always really exciting to visit.
The theme last time I went was 'afternoon tea' and Pricila had made lots of lovely tiny cakes we munched them with Earl Grey tea all fragrant in vintage cups. Everything for sale was themed to match, vintage fabric cakes and sweets packed in old boxes, wirework cales and cake-stands, wonderful textiles from Wales.... oooh lovely stuff to buy.

Monday, 30 July 2007

Dreams and Whispers

I have just been out in the sunshine running, I am off work today, it makes a nice change. Looking at the fields of wheat going green and golden in the sunshine, I can hear it wispering that the dark is once more on the way back and soon the harvest will be gathered in, but for now the wheat is still ripening and thistle seeds float in the breeze like fairys and the goddess still dances in her summer robes.........

Just getting the hang of things..........

Hi there, this is all new to me, and I feel like a little girl in a sweet shop, wanting all the pretty sticky sweets and not quite sure how... so if you happen to come across my blogg please be patient with my efforts and visit me again, it may be strange or back to front but it will not be boring I hope.
I am a textile fanatic so I am always sewing printing and collecting vintage fabrics I love it all so much. These are some samples I have been playing with using natural dyes,on both plain and printed silks and velvets.